Tents & Facilities

The location of the team tents will be at the upstream end of Washington’s Landing, near the finish line. Please see the map in the race packet. NO TENTS ARE PERMITTED IN ANY PARKING LOTS.

Portable sanitary facilities will be located at both Lambert and Millvale locations. The Lambert boathouse will not be available on race day to the general public. Please make sure that you plan accordingly.

Concessions providing food, beverages, t-shirts, posters, and programs will be located on Washington’s Landing.

We ask that all crews and individuals be helpful in keeping the venue clean throughout the entire event. Crews are asked to police their areas throughout the day and clean the area completely prior to leaving. Trash receptacles will be placed at convenient locations. A dumpster will be located close to the team tent area on Washington’s Landing. Please use the garbage bags provided in your entry packets and don’t leave loose trash behind!