On Water

This year, competitors will have the opportunity to race the Head of the Ohio on their own body of water!  All you need is 4,200 meters and a timing device!  Row or paddle your piece, record the time. The system for submitting results will be published by September 20, 2020.

Event List:

ClassificationEvents Details
Gender:Female, Male, Mixed
Event Categories:U15, U17, U19, U23, Open, Masters Para
Boat Classes*:1x, 2-, 2x, 4+, 4-, 4x, 8+, Out-Rigger Canoe, Kayak
*We recognize that not all programs are able to row team boats due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please only enter a team boat event if it is safe and legally permitted in your location.

Masters:   Masters entries will be tracked according to their age categories and handicaps for each category will be applied.

Definition of a Race:  There must be at least 2 entries in an event to constitute a race.  Competitors must finish ahead of at least one other entry in their category to receive an award.  All times of all entries will be included on our regatta leaderboard.  


Since this will be a virtual event, the venue will be your own local body of water.  

Due to the current state of the pandemic, Three Rivers Rowing Association will only be able to host competitors and programs that currently train out of a Three Rivers Campus.


The Head of the Ohio race distance is 4,200 meters.  Each competitor must complete the full race distance to have their time counted in the final results.  


Entries can be found here.  


Registration is open until October 4th at NOON. 


The entry fee for all on water events will be $20 per entry.


All on water competitors must be at least a Basic Member of USRowing and have a signed on-line waiver.  

You will be notified during the registration process if your USRowing membership and waiver status is up to date.  If it is not, there will be instructions given to update your status.


The Head of the Ohio Regatta will NOT refund scratches communicated to the Registrar beyond the October 1 entry deadline. 


Coming Soon!


Awards for all winners will be mailed out 6-8 weeks after the event.