Coaches and participants are reminded that participation in the Regatta involves a moderate risk of injury and/or property damage. While HOTO and Three Rivers Rowing Association will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of participants, officials, and volunteers, participation in the Regatta is at one’s own risk and responsibility for claims deriving from personal injury, damage, or loss. While the Regatta provides security for the Washington’s Landing and Millvale boathouse, boat, and tent areas on Friday night, visiting crews are advised to take all reasonable precautions as the Regatta cannot guarantee the safety of equipment.

All participants must provide a signed waiver. Waivers should be sent to:

Attn: Waiver Compliance
Three Rivers Rowing Assoc
300 Waterfront Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

All shells must be equipped with a bow ball. Each set of shoes within the shell must be equipped with properly-secured heel tie-downs. A boat in which the body of the coxswain is enclosed or partially enclosed within the hull of the boat shall conform to the following requirements: a) The opening through which the coxswain enters and exits shall be at least 2.30 feet (70 cm.) long when measured along the longitudinal axis of the boat. For a length of at least 1.64 feet (50 cm.), the opening shall be as wide as the inner hull of the boat itself. b) The inner surface within which the coxswain’s body rests shall be smooth and free of any obstacles, devices, or other structures that would hinder quick exit.

All programs must sign off on the Equipment Compliance Form before participating.

If water conditions deteriorate during race day, the officials may determine it necessary to shorten the race course by about a half mile. If this occurs the start line will be moved upstream. If this occurs announcements will be made multiple times at both docks as well as over the public address system. There will be a 30-minute delay in the race schedule to accommodate moving the start line.

City of Pittsburgh paramedics will be available and on site throughout the day.