Teams who normally row out of either the Lambert or Millvale Boathouse will launch and return to the boathouse from which they normally row. Visiting crews bringing a boat trailer will park and launch form the Lambert Boathouse docks on Washington’s Landing. Rowers with car top boats will park and launch from the Millvale Boathouse docks.

Once crews launch they will row downstream the full length of the course, then turn to race upstream. At the conclusion of the race be prepared to slow down quickly, pay attention to the directions of the marshal. Be prepared to turn to the port side to enter the channel back to the dock area. (See map at the end of the race packet)

There is limited room at the end of the race course before turning to enter the channel. Please limit the cool down.

All boat traffic launching in the channel will be moving downstream. Crews launching from Washington’s Landing must use caution as boats will be coming downstream from the Millvale Docks. As boats prepare to move out of the channel going downstream they should go single file under the bridge and stay to the port side, closer to the island. Buoys will help to move boats away from the rocky mainland side as boats exit the channel.

Upon completion of the race, boats will be directed to move upstream and turn just before the 40th Street Bridge. To return to the channel, follow the marshal’s directions. DO NOT try to cut across the area directly above the island, it is very shallow and littered with hidden debris.

Boats must enter the channel single file. Assistance will be provided to remind coxswains. Please row only by pairs unless told to do otherwise. Boats returning to the Millvale Boathouse must dock immediately after passing through this narrow point. Please be prepared to do so.

The docks and course will be closed on the day prior to race day, unless prior approval has been granted.

When launching from the docks competitors have the row to the start as their warm-up. Follow the instructions of the three marshals in the starting area.

Each entrant must be in the starting/marshalling area ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled starting time. The dockmaster will make the several calls for launching crews. The start will be in sequence of bow markers. Boats must pass through the starting chute at the starting area to be official. Boats arriving more than thirty (30) seconds after the last entrant has started will, at the discretion of the starter, be allowed to row at the end of the race. Such boats may be timed, but not ranked.

While racing, boats must stay on the designated buoyed racecourse with buoys located on the right descending bank to the port side. Oar blades may go over buoys but the hull of the shell must stay on the course. Any shell being overtaken must grant the right-of-way and move or be penalized. A shell being approached from behind must give way to the approaching boat by moving towards their port side and allowing the other boat passage on their starboard side. This must occur by the time the approaching boat is within one boat length of open water. Boats overtaking others must not force boats being overtaken any farther out of the way than is necessary to complete an unimpeded pass. No boat should press its right of way to the point of collision.

The finish is clearly marked by two large yellow buoys. Once beyond the buoys, crews must immediately continue upstream and prepare to turn to enter the channel back to the Millvale or Lambert Boathouse docks. Please pay close attention to the other boats around you and listen for any direction form a marshall.